“Keeping It Real”- Phrase Origin and Definition

Welcome back to the Saritsa blog. Our foundation has been keeping it real, keeping busy, and all that jazz. You know the funk masters say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” And that to us is “keeping it real” in a nutshell. But let us expound a bit more, not to make this post too short.

We want to more so remind you to keep things real, because the media lately has been doing the opposite of that and real people need to remind each other to stay real every now and then. Who is a real person? You might hate this, but Donald Trump is a real person. He speaks his mind. He doesn’t front. He might lie every now and then, but he is honest about things that Biden would never admit.

what does keep it real mean

The phrase “keeping it real” comes from hip hop. This is because some rappers from the early 90s would do what they call “fronting“, which is pretending to be hard and tough when you’re really not. Real rappers would speak the truth, even if they weren’t hard–they wouldn’t pretend to be gangsters. They would keep it real, and keep their music true to themselves, and real recognizes real, so only real hip hop heads would listen to them while people who couldn’t tell if they were fronting or not would listen to fake rappers like MC Hammer and Will Smith. Examples of real rappers are Guru and Nine (not Tech Nine!), rappers who never got record deals until a life of crime enabled them to produce their own records. back then, rap was unpopular overall so it took a lot funding to get noticed by the masses, and real rappers who got rich from the streets had an upper hand over fake rappers who relied on record deals and rich white people for support. Anyway….

Hope you got something out for this. Until next time, cheers folks.