Are Your a Retired Canadian? Submit Your Story to Be Featured on Our Blog!

If you think your story should be read by young Canadians, if you think it teaches a good lesson, please get in touch with our admins and send us your story. There’s no need to write the whole thing out if you haven’t yet, for we don’t want to waste your time if the story isn’t accepted (although writing can never be unproductive). We simply need some bullet points describing the main reasons why your story should be features here and what its about. We’ll get back to you ASAP if we think your story would fit well here. Go back and read our other stories to see what kind of content we’re looking for. Thank you and good luck!

8 types of stories we’d love to receive:
  1. Life as horse breeder in Canada
  2. Life as a farmer in Canada
  3. Life as an author in Canada
  4. Life as a handy capped person in Canada
  5. Life as a teacher in Canada
  6. Life as a carpenter in Canada
  7. Life as a welder in Canada
  8. Life as a painter in Canada

We look forward to hearing from you!