My Career as an Appliance Technician

Greetings. My name is Enrique Perry, but like I said on our blog’s about page I used me called Enrique Saritsa before I was married, hence the name of our foundation.

I was an appliance repair technician among many things in my life. I was a car mechanic for a while, a car cleaner, a landscaper and a stone mason, too. I’ve done many things, but overall it’s safe to say I was an appliance technician by career. I repaired appliances across Canada for over 20 years and learned many things and have many stories to share.

appliance repair

My favorite time was working in Ontario, as I would move to a different city every few years to change things up and meet new people. I loved visiting Toronto on the weekends if it was close. I was great with the ladies, and my wife should agree I still am. I’m on the brink of being senile so I apologize in advance if I repeat myself or get too off topic hither and thither. That’s why I hope to have many guest speakers here because they might be better at telling stories than me.

Well, that’s all you should know about my career as an appliance repairman. I retired just over 6 years ago and now taking up this blog is my new passion and I hope it can help people. Thanks for reading and bye for now.