A Story from the Founder

As a retired old electrician and mechanic who loves hearing stories from other old retired men I’m bound to have a few stories of my own. Let’s kick off things right with a nice story so you can get a feel for what this blog is all about.

coffee shop story

Here at the Saritsa Foundation we tell stories from all walks of life. Already we have guest posters scheduled for the near future, stories from people who used to work in appliance repair, landscaping, masonry, auto detailing, etc, and I can’t wait to hear your opinion on all this. So let’s begin with one of my stories now.

My Story: A Short Trip to the Coffee Shop

When I was a young man in my early thirties I would go to the same coffee shop every morning, but one day I decided to try something new. I went to a coffee shop I had never been to before and it was a big mistake! People inside were all cramped and the line was moving way to slow. It turned out this place is never like this but things were slow and hectic because they were currently getting their espresso machine repaired by an amateur appliance mechanic who had no idea what he was doing. To make a long story small, I went ahead and helped out this young appliance repairman and got the machine fixed in less than a few minutes.

The moral of this story is to look for a reason why things are going poorly and to use your expertise where you can to make the situation better. I was surprisingly paid handsomely for my help and the coffee shop hired my services again in the future when they needed a dishwasher repair services.

So never underestimate yourself and you can help others!