Our First Story from a Retired Landscaper (Hamilton Ontario, 32 Years Experience)

Allow us to make a brief introduction before getting to the story. Thank you.


As we promised, we’ll be sharing historical stories from retired Canadians. That’s what our Foundation is all about. Whether they be zoologists, technicians, mechanics, or landscapers, their stories are unique and interesting and are an important part of Canadian history.

Today, we have a very original story from a retired Canadian in Hamilton Ontario. He was a landscaper for over 30 years in Ontario and has hundreds of stories to tell. We told him to tell us one story.

And here is his words…

hamilton ontario landscaping story

“If over 30 years of landscaping Hamilton Ontario experience could say one thing, it would say nothing because there are millions of things to say and it would explode from trying to pick just one. But thank goodness I’ve already thought about this before when training young landscapers in Barrie.

“First of all, I just want to say thank you, Saritsa Foundation, for sharing stories from retired Canadians because I too believe this is a part of our history and they may otherwise be lost forever if not conserved on the internet. So thank you.

“Let me see. If this story had a name it would be called:

“A Landscaper in Hamilton Ontario Gets Followed by Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnome

“No spoilers intended. I was aerating a lawn in late winter. I think it was 1989. The lawn was rather muddy, stretching across the perimeter of a residential townhouse. There were lots of kids playing around, a few of them playing in the dirt pile I had ordered. They listened to me well when I told them to leave my stuff alone.

“After lunch, (amazingly I remember eating a roast beef sandwich with my sister’s homemade mustard) I came back to the work site to find gnomes standing around in places they hadn’t been before. I took this as a humorous prank, moved them aside, and went straight back to work aerating the grassy, muddy soil. It was not a good day to be aerating lawns, but my boss disagreed. So there I was, getting my boots dirty unnecessarily, digesting the tastiest sandwich in the world.

“I had a habit of taking a second break two hours after lunch back then (later I learned it was way better financially to plow through the worked day until the last hour) and so this time when I came back I saw that all the gnomes were back but in different spots. I didn’t find it too funny this time, but went back to work all the same. I decided to work around the gnomes, as someone might get mad if I moved them, I thought.

“It just so happened that during this time a heavy fog was rolling through Hamilton. The fog was stronger then ever now, blocking my vision for 20 feet in every direction. This made lawn aeration very hard because I kept forgetting which spots I had already aerated. But anyway, as I was working, getting hopeful about finishing the day early, I noticed that a gnome had moved without me touching it. It was in a different spot, right next to a rake I had leaned against a tree.

“I frowned at it, but kept working. A few minutes later, it happened again. A gnome was a few feet behind me, a blue one, staring at me, and I heard a snigger in the fog. If a gnome could chuckle, that’s what it sounded like. My heart pumped harder, but I kept working, thinking those darn kids were trying to get a reaction out of me. I remembered being a school boy myself and playing pranks on the janitor. That’s all it was. I thought. Until a gnome slowly came into view right in front of me through the fog and I heard a laugh behind me at the same time. The fog was getting thicker and I threw my tools on the ground.

“By now I was not getting back to work until I found out who in tarnation was trying to prank me. Well, this wouldn’t be a good story if the solution to my problem was easily attainable. The fog began to ebb and as I searched around looking for those darn kids the gnomes began to disappear. I knocked on a few parents doors and asked if their kids were out playing (which might have sounded really creepy now that I think of it) and it turned out that all kids in the townhouse usually turn in for dinner around 5 o’clock, which was the time at the moment. So I just said thank you with a confused tone and to this day I still have no freaking clue who had pranked me with those darn garden gnomes.

“And now thanks to the internet and the Saritsa Foundation, the mystery will live on forever.”


Blog Update Feb 20, 2021

Here is just a quick little update for our readers to know what’s up and coming. But before we get started let us just say hello again after a while of being away. We look forward to explaining all the wonderful reasons we’ve been away for so long. But our Foundation has gone nowhere.

This week we got a few new posts planned, posts similar to this one.

We look forward to interviewing a few retired appliance repair technicians to hear their stories. So stay tuned.

Why Hiring Professional Appliance Repair Services Is Important

I often see people who try to fix their own appliances and they stress out, waste time and the result us poor. Here is a list of reasons why you should hire a professional!

stop and consider my advice
  1. A professional will make sure you get the right appliance replacement parts that won’t damage your machine more.
  2. A professional will save you time, and at the same time will save you stress and hassle by doing it for you.
  3. A professional will most likely also give you a warranty so that you can rest assured your appliance will continue to work in the future.
  4. A professional understands the dangers of working around loose wires and gas appliances, so you don’t need to risk hurting yourself.
  5. A professional has all the tools already so you don’t need to buy tools.

There are other reasons why it’s best to call a professional appliance repair company rather than do it yourself but I believe this list is sufficient in explaining why you shouldn’t repair your own appliances. If you’re wondering how you can trust my advice you can learn about my career here. I am a professional myself so I know what I’m talking about.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more…

A Story from the Founder

As a retired old electrician and mechanic who loves hearing stories from other old retired men I’m bound to have a few stories of my own. Let’s kick off things right with a nice story so you can get a feel for what this blog is all about.

coffee shop story

Here at the Saritsa Foundation we tell stories from all walks of life. Already we have guest posters scheduled for the near future, stories from people who used to work in appliance repair, landscaping, masonry, auto detailing, etc, and I can’t wait to hear your opinion on all this. So let’s begin with one of my stories now.

My Story: A Short Trip to the Coffee Shop

When I was a young man in my early thirties I would go to the same coffee shop every morning, but one day I decided to try something new. I went to a coffee shop I had never been to before and it was a big mistake! People inside were all cramped and the line was moving way to slow. It turned out this place is never like this but things were slow and hectic because they were currently getting their espresso machine repaired by an amateur appliance mechanic who had no idea what he was doing. To make a long story small, I went ahead and helped out this young appliance repairman and got the machine fixed in less than a few minutes.

The moral of this story is to look for a reason why things are going poorly and to use your expertise where you can to make the situation better. I was surprisingly paid handsomely for my help and the coffee shop hired my services again in the future when they needed a dishwasher repair services.

So never underestimate yourself and you can help others!