Our First Story from a Retired Stone Mason (Ottawa Ontario, 29 Years of Experience)

Welcome back, and hello if you’re new here! Our blog is all about sharing cool stories from retired Canadians. Recently we shared our first story from a retired landscaper. This week, we’ll be sharing one from a retired stone mason who also lived most of his life in Ontario, but in Ottawa rather than Hamilton. He has no connection to our last story but his Ontario character is similar, as you’ll soon see. We recommend going to read the last story if you haven’t yet. But let us continue.

This story is called:

“Masonry Ottawa Rhymes with Hate Me for All I Got”

masonry brickwork

Now, let our storyteller take it away: “Hello, readers. I was asked to share my most interesting story related to my career as a stone mason in Ottawa. I’m not sure if by interesting they meant entertaining and funny or bizarre and curious, so I’ll go for the latter as the landscaper’s story on the blog I read is quite strange too.

“It all started on my 19th birthday, the year I became a stone mason, following my dad’s footsteps. Back then (it wasn’t super long ago) there were a few trusted and really well-known masonry companies in Ontario. Now, today, there are dozens and dozens of them in the city let alone all of Ontario. There are new small masonry Ottawa Ontario businesses popping up every year, it seems. Or maybe I’m just comparing today to the past too much.

“Moving on, when I was 19 I only had a few companies to work for, and dreamed of making my own company (which I never got around to). So I chose what I thought was the best company, and it turned out I was right. The company was the most popular in Ottawa at the time, but this wasn’t necessarily a good thing for business as our competitors (only saying this because my name is anonymous here) were part of the French mafia or something. They were these angry guys from Quebec who hated me and the company I worked for because we got most of the jobs in the city. So as you’ll probably guess these badass stone masons did nothing but sabotage our work. This bout lasted only a few months before their leader got arrested after video evidence proved it was them, but it was really frustrating.

“As soon as we’d finish building a brick wall, it would have spray paint all over it the next day. And as soon as we repaired stone veneer or anything, it would either be damaged or have graffiti on it within a week, every time! The wannabe mobsters were very stupid though because we found out it was them after we also found out they had given all our clients quotes. That’s how they knew where our jobs were, because our clients would get a quote from them before calling us (probably because they had a coloured add in the phone book) and then we would always get the job. I can see how angry this would make them, but we were getting the jobs because weren’t angry French guys. That’s the truth of it. We were nice to people who called us and they weren’t. So, the video evidence came just in time and a lot of our clients sued them for the damage they did. They got sued half a dozen times in one year, I think, and probably moved back to Quebec (I hope).

“That was a long time ago so I doubt they’ll be any more trouble. This story just proves that not all companies are legit. New companies like Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa who are actually just fathers trying to make a living by providing quality stone masonry service for locals, are the real thing but many others are fronts for criminal organizations, like those aforementioned French guys. This problem probably isn’t as rampant today, as crime in Ontario has dropped a lot over the years, and that’s honestly very releasing because I don’t have to worry about motorcycle gangs robbing the liquor store while I’m shopping anymore (it happened more than you’ll believe). So I hope this story was educational as well as interesting. Thank you.”